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CJA’s January 21, 2000 letter to Seth Ackerman, Media Analyst -- "RE: AN EXPOSE OF BRILL'S CONTENT: Follow-up on 'Sweet as Sugar' (Extra!, Nov/Dec. 1999)"
                   SEE:  Paper Trail of Suppression, Protectionism, &
                    Blackballing by THE NEW YORK TIMES


January 21, 2000 e-mail from Jim Naureckas, Editor, Extra! -- "Subj: Article query"

CJA’s January 21, 2000 e-mail to Jim Naureckas -- "Subj: Structural Mechanisms for Media Accountability"

January 24, 2000 e-mail from Jim Naureckas -- "Subj: RE: Structural Mechanisms for Media Accountability"

CJA’s January 26, 2000 e-mail to Jim Naureckas -- "Subj: Following Up on Structural Mechanisms for Media Accountability"

January 27, 2000 e-mail from Deborah Thomas, Publisher, FAIR/Extra!  -- "Subj: FW: Following Up on Structural Mechanisms and The NYT"

CJA’s January 27, 2000 e-mail to Deborah Thomas -- "RE: Story Proposals in Search of a Writer"

CJA's March 23, 2006 e-mail -- "Subject: First-of-its-kind public interest lawsuit vs The New York Times in vindication of the First Amendment"

CJA's June 9, 2006 e-mail -- "Subject: On Transparency: How The NYT Litigates When Sued"

CJA's August 22, 2006 e-mail -- "Subject: Empirical Test: The 'Gatekeepers' -- Alive & Well, Protecting The New York TImes

2-page hand-out, given, in hand, on January 13, 2007 to Janine Jackson, FAIR's Program Director, at the Free Press National Conference on Media Reform in Memphis

CJA's January 26, 2007 memo to Janine Jackson, Program Director -- "RE: 'ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM' -- First-Ever Public Interest Lawsuit against The New York Times for Journalistic Fraud -- MAKING MEDIA REFORM HAPPEN"

cc:    CJA's January 26, 2007 memo to Duncan Black (Eschaton blog, Senior Fellow-Media Matters) -- "RE: THE STATUS OF YOUR REVIEW: The New York Times' Election-Rigging for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, as Alleged & Chronicled by CJA's Public Interest Lawsuit against It"




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