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CJA's April 4, 1998 memo -- "RE: Testifying at New York Hearing"

April 6, 1998 letter from Executive Director Daniel Meador

CJA's April 6, 1998 letter to Executive Director Meador -- "RE: April 24th Public Hearing: New York City"

April 8, 1998 letter from Executive Director Meador

CJA's April 24, 1998 statement 
        --   Inventory of Transmitted Substantiating Documents

         -- transmittal of CJA's Correspondence to Administrative Office of the United States Courts (from 1995-1997)           
         -- transmittal of record in Doris L. Sassower v. Mangano

                                                       SEE also:  Federal Judicial Selection - 1992-3
Federal Judicial Selection - 1996

CJA's August 14, 1998 letter to Executive Director Meador

CJA's September 4, 1998 memo to Commission on Structural Alternatives -- ATT: Chairman Byron White
  [also addressed to Solicitor General Seth Waxman, Lee Radek (Chief/Public Integrity Section-Justice Dept/Criminal Division), House Judiciary Committee, ABA]
   -- transmitting SUPPLEMENTAL BRIEF in Sassower v. Mangano

 CJA’s November 6, 1998 memorandum to Commission on Structural Alternatives: ATT: Chairman Byron White -- Impeachment Complaint vs Chief Justice Rehnquist & Associate Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court
 [also addressed to House Judiciary Committee, U.S. Justice Dept -- Lee Radek (Chief/Public Integrity Section-Justice Dept/Criminal Division), Solicitor General Waxman, ABA, Association of the Bar of the City of New York

        Exhibit A:   CJA's May 29, 1998 letter to William Burchill and Jeffrey Barr, General Counsel & Assistant
                         General Counsel/Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, to which Chief Justice Rehnquist
                         was indicated recipient in his capacity as head of the Judicial Conference

        Exhibit B:   Report of the National Commission on Judicial Discipline and Removal, pp. 121-123  

                - transmitting  PETITION FOR REHEARING in Sassower v. Mangano





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