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Searching for Champions (Correspondence)


CJA's September 29, 1994 letter to Republican candidate Dennis Vacco
   (with indicated copy for the New York Times Board of Editors)
       SEE Correspondence - NYS Officials: A.G. Koppell
Test Cases - Federal (Mangano)

SEE Press Suppression-New York Times

FOIL correspondence pertaining to CJA's December 23, 1994 FOIL request to A.G. Koppell
     CJA's January 13, 1995 fax
     CJA's January 27, 2995 fax
     January 30, 1995 letter from A.G. Vacco's Deputy A.G.
     March 30, 1995 letter from A.G. Vacco's Records Access-FOIL officer
     July 17, 1995 letter from A.G. Vacco's Records Access Officer

CJA's September 19, 1995 hand-delivered letter-notice to A.G. Vacco
   (with indicated copies to NYS Ethics Commission, NYS Judiciary Committee, NYS Commission on Judicial Conduct)
    -- CJA's September 14, 1995 ethics complaint against A.G. Vacco
       Ex. C: law review article by Gerald Stern, pp. 303-305
Ex. F: May 22, 1995 letter from Asst. A.G. to Judge Herman Cahn
Ex. G: NYS Ethics Commission's bio of Richard Rifkin
    -- CJA's September 14, 1995 letter to Commission on Judicial Conduct Chairman Henry T. Berger
         SEE Judicial Discipline - NYS - Doris L. Sassower v. Commission on Judicial Conduct of the State of NY

CJA's January 14, 1997 letter-notice to A.G. Vacco -- "RE: Sassower v. Mangano, et al., Second Circuit Docket #96-7805"

CJA's May 5, 1997notice-challenge to A.G. Vacco, et al. -- "RE: File of Article 78 proceeding, Doris L. Sassower v. Commission on Judicial Conduct, N.Y. Co. Clerk #95-109141"
      Ex. A-1: "Commission Abandons Investigative Mandate", CJA's letter to editor, NYLJ, 8/14/95
      Ex. A-2: "A Call for Concerted Action", CJA's $1,648 ad, NYLJ, 11/20/96
      Ex. B: CJA's 3-page analysis of the fraudulent judicial decision in Doris L. Sassower v.
, with annexed law: 22 NYCRR 7000.1 et seq., Judiciary Law 44.1,
                NYS Constitution, Article VI, Sec. 22

"Restraining 'Liars in the Courtroom' and on the Public Payroll", CJA's $3,077 ad, NYLJ, 8/27/97 -- hand-delivered & receipted September 2, 1997

CJA's August 27, 1997 letter-notice to A.G. Vacco -- "Doris L. Sassower v. Mangano, et al., Second Circuit #96-7805"

CJA's January 13, 1998 letter-notice to A.G. Vacco
    -- CJA's December 16, 1997 letter to Ethics Commission members
          Ex. A:  CJA's June 10, 1997 & April 15, 1997 letters to Walter Ayres, Public Information Officer
          Ex. B:  CJA's December 15, 1997 letter to Paul Shechtman
          Ex. C: "Restraining 'Liars in the Courtroom" and on the Public Payroll", CJA ad, NYLJ, 8/27/97

FOR continuation, SEE: Correspondence - NYS Officials: A.G. Spitzer




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