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"Institutional Reckless Disregard for Truth in Public:
Defamation Actions against the Press

by Professor Randall P. Bezanson & Gilbert Cranberg,
90 Iowa Law Review 887 (March 2005)

Professor Randall P. Bezanson  &
Professor Gilbert Cranberg

CJA's December 14, 2006 memo -- "RE: PUTTING THEORY INTO PRACTICE -- & PRACTICE INTO SCHOLARSHIP & COMMENTARY: 'Institutional Reckless Disregard for Truth in Public Defamation Actions Against the Press' -- Request for Your Amicus Curiae and Other Legal Assistance, Pro Bono or Paid, in Groundbreaking Public Interest Lawsuit against The New York Times in Vindication of the First Amendment -- & for Your Bringing the Case into First Amendment & Media Law Scholarship & Commentary"

CJA's April 4, 2007 memo to indicated recipients including Professors Bezanson & Cranberg -- "Fostering a 'Culture of Collaboration' between Academia and Activists: Putting into Practice Law Review Recommendations for Media Reform and Accountability -- CJA's Public Interest Lawsuit against The New York Times, Championing "Necessary Knowledge for a Democratic Public Sphere"

CJA's May 1, 2007 memo -- "RE:  LAW DAY -- & the Just-Filed Appeal Brief vs The New York Times for Journalistic Fraud" 

Gilbert Cranberg's May 2, 2007 e-mail -- "Subject: Re: LAW DAY -- & just-filed appeal brief vs The New York Times for journalistic fraud"




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