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“[A] plaintiff's cause of action is valuable property within the generally accepted sense
of that word, and, as such, it is entitled to the protections of the Constitution.”,

Link v. Wabash Railroad Co, 370 U.S. 626, 646 (1962),
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black writing in dissent,
with Chief Justice Earl Warren concurring.   

Auburnpub.com -- Aggregator -- January 6, 2018


Saul weprin

Truth DIG


6 most dysfunctional states, then and now




2018 legislative session preview

"Honestly, its time for a change"  Newsday, January 6, 2018

Putting NY's "full-time" and "part-time" legislators
to work in the six months the Legislature is "out of session"


"Reform Groups Launch Restore Public Trust Campaign", Gotham Gazette, January 5, 2018  (Rachel Silberstein)

January 10, 2018:
"DA Fitzpatrick double dips to get six-figure pension while working $182 K D.A. job" Syracuse.com (Douglass Dowty)


Grory:  January 10, 2018:  "Hard Arithmetic in New York's Gubernatorial Election"


Cuomo -- agenda of progressive gov't


New York City-Transportation Issues

Project Veritas


“That which we persist in doing becomes easier to do, not that the nature of the thing has changed but that our power to do has increased.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Correspondence-paper trail -- on which the March 28, 2014 citizen-taxpayer action sits

cja experience

October 18, 2017  "Molinaro forms gubernatorial campaign committee"  Albany Times Union (Matt Hamilton)


"Holding Prosecutors Accountable is Hard.  It Could Get Harder"
October 8, 2017 (Alan Feuer)



"Despite Exposes and Embarssments, Hundreds of Judges Preside in New York Without Law Degrees", ProPublica (Joe Sexton) June 26, 2017

Quarts letter

December 2014 "Cyrus Vance's moneyball approach to crime"
"They Had the Goods on Him", Slate

https://actionnetwork.org/events/we-persist-get-out-the-vote  -- Oct 2, 2017 get out the vote

NYT public editor

LWV seeks to energize voters over constitutional convention, Oct 9, 2017  East End Beacon  (Beth Young)

October 6, 2017: "You Can Help Boost Voter Turnout on Election Day, but you Have to Register Soon", Citizens Union  (Ben Brachfeld)

Brooklyn District Attorney
Eric Gonzalez, Democrat, incumbent (named acting District Attorney in 2016)
Patricia Gatling, Democrat
Vincent Gentile, Democrat
Stephanie Ama-Dwimoh, Democrat
Marc Fliedner, Democrat
Anne Swern, Democrat

Manhattan District Attorney
Cy Vance, Democrat, incumbent

Reform Party

September 16, 2017
"Latimer Picks Up Nod From Reform Party Started by Astorino"
Daily Voice (Sam Barron)


CJA's subsequent correspondence with US Attorney Bharara

May 13, 2013 corruption complaint
to U.S. Attorney Lynch (EDNY)

June 13, 2013 corruption complaint
to U.S. Attorney Hartunian (NDNY)

CJA's April 2, 2013 FOIL request to the Governor's Records Access Officer & FOIL Counsel -- RE:  FOIL REQUEST:
         (1) the Legislature’s “General State Charges” for Fiscal Year 2013-2014, with Certifications of Temporary Senate President Skelos & Assembly Speaker Silver;
         (2) Records Pertaining to the Governor’s Signing of S.2601-A/A.3001-A, if Signed by Him;
         (3) Video of the Commission on Judicial Compensation’s July 20, 2011 Public Hearing in Albany;
         (4) Video, Audio, or Transcript of Commission on Judicial Compensation’s July 11, 2011 Public Meeting.

       April 9, 2013 acknowledgment from Gov's FOIL counsel/records access officer

        May 7, 2013 letter from Gov's FOIL counsel/records access officer 
                   enclosed 46 pages

      CD-video of Commission on Judicial Compensation's 1st meeting

      CD-video of Commission on Judicial Compensation's 1st & only hearing       
[CJA testimony at
at 03:12:58 - 03:24:23]
                           Transcription of CJA testimony
          click here for: 
(1) referred-to CJA handout "NO PAY RAISES FOR NYS JUDGES WHO CORRUPT JUSTICE -- THE MONEY BELONGS TO THE VICTIMS!"  (2) referred-to judicial compensation webpage -- with its posting of CJA's letters to the Commission, most importantly those of May 23, 2011 and June 23, 2011


wheeler complaint  August 1, 2017 Seaman blog

"Brill-Crovitz Start-Up Will Take Aim at Fake News
The Street (Ken Doctor)



constitutional convention

October 11, 2017: "Unions Continue To Fund Anti-Con-Con Push", State of Politics (Nick Reisman)




September 12, 2017 "Polls open"  -- Democrat & Chronicle

Karle ends campaign for Ontario County D.A.  -- Ontario County

September 6, 2017 "Ontario County D.A. candidates spar at debate"

July 29, 2016  "How Long Island judges win races before they start" Newsday (Sandra Peddie)

2011: "Independence Party v. Board of Elections"

March 29, 2004: "Scramble for state supreme court", Daily Freeman (Franco)

August 2016: "No cross-endorsements this year" Artvoice

2nd circuit affirmance -- re: Malcolm Smith


Tioga da -- now judge

September 28, 2017  "Make absentee voting easy"  Times Union

"If the Left wants to win elections", September 27, 2017
In These Times (Sam Lewis, Luke Elliott-Negri)

Newsday  dem candidates leading in primaries

September 28, 2017
"Ethics Groups Worry that Reform Efforts in Albany May Be Fizzling",
Wall Street Journal  (Mike Vilesky)

September 29, 2017
"What's next after Skelos and Silver overturned convictions"
New York 1 (Zack Fink)

"How Party Bosses, Not Voters, Pick Candidates in New York"
New York Times, September 19, 2017
(Shane Goldmacher)


A.0522  -- Rosenthal
Ortiz, Malliotakis

S.1797 -- Squadron


-- Kavanagh,
co- Colton, Lancman, Magnarelli, Hooper
multi- Errigo, Finch, Thiele, Wiesenberg

S.155 -- Squadron,

Lanza, Savino


A.5290 -- sponsored by Rosenthal;
co-sponsored by Ortiz

S.161 -- sponsored by Squadron


A.1369 -- sponsored by Jeffries, Kavanagh, Camara

S.26 -- sponsored by Squadron


A.645 -- sponsored by Jeffries, Kavanagh, Camara, Espaillat

S.5294 -- sponsored by Squadron



Genesis of CJA's Activism on NY's Judicial Compensation Issue

"McLaughlin scores another blow against GOP candidates", Politico, September 14, 2017 (Jimmy Vielkind)

Ending Road-Buchwald

"Conservation voters score legislators", August 31, 2017 Legislative Gazette (James Gormley)

"Cox re-elected chairman of Republican state committee", September 20, 2017, Legislative Gazette (James Gormley)

"State lawmakers eyeing an exit see mixed results on Primary Day", September 13, 2017 Legislative Gazette  (Thomas Gierney Pudney)

September 7, 2017:
"Lawmakers fill extra seats, earn extra", Times-Union (Rick Karlin)

"Justice Center loses another case over constitutional question", Times-Union (Rick Karlin)

"State legislators need to get back and act", June 24, 2017

"Will NY legislators get a 47% raise", August 7, 2016

"#LoHut Reacts: Full-Time Legislature vs Albany's Ills", February 19, 2015 (Nancy Cutler)

"Poll: NY lawmakers should be full-time without a raise", February 1, 2016 (Joseph Spector)

"Report: Paulin, Corwin top list of richest legislators", September 3, 2013, Jon Campbell -- Albany Watch

Elaine Phillips -- "Yes, New York has  more corrupt officials than any  other state", Politifact, September 19, 2016 (Dan Clark)


Syracuse New Times  "Empire State Needs a Full-Time Legislature", August 16, 2017 (Luke Parsnow)

Syracuse.com -- syracuse mayoral candidates

campbell debates -- WRVO



Merrell v. Sliwa -- #5829-16

October 27, 2016 decision of Albany Supreme Court Justice Christina Ryba

October 31, 2016
"Upstart group wins legal battle over control of the Reform Party", Politco (Bill Mahoney)

"New York Reform Party Case Decided; Curtis Sliwa Faction Wins", Ballot Access News (Richard Winger)

Matthew Mari show -- WVOX radio

Third Party wins by becoming second  Chris Ladd

August 31, 2017
"Facebook fakery the lowest kind of politics (editorial)",
Staten Island Advance


August 31, 2017
"Our Views: if not fake, misleading news"
The Island Now (editorial)


August 16, 2017
"NY powerhouse Herman (Denny) Farrell set to retire after 42 years", Daily News (Lovett)

4. Disciplinary Actions, Malpractice, and other Misconduct
a.  Have you ever been disciplined by, or do you have any charges currently pending before any disciplinary committee, commission, or government agency arising out of your official or professional responsibilities? If yes, describe the circumstances.

p. 16

A.  Identify any experience in or association with any local, state or federal governmental entity (including advisory, consultative, honorary or other part-time service or positions). Specify the dates of such service.

p. 26
H. Please describe any business relationship, dealing or financial transaction which you have had during the past five (5) years, whether for yourself, or on behalf of a client, or acting as an agent, which you believe may constitute an appearance of impropriety or may result in a potential conflict of interest in the position for which you seek appointment. If none, please so state.

p. 28
N.  Please describe any other matter in which you have been involved which may be incompatible or in conflict with the discharge of the duties of the position that you seek, or any matter which may impair or tend to impair your independence of judgment or action in the performance of your duties. If there is none, please so state.


XV General Matters

B. Investigatory Actions
Have you ever been the subject of any inquiry or investigation by a federal, state or local agency (other than for routine background investigations for employment purposes)?
Are you or have you ever been a party in interest in any administrative agency proceeding or lawsuit that is related in any way to the position that you seek?
If yes, please explain and provide the title of any litigation, its index number or civil action number and the disposition or status of the case

 monroe, ontario, wayne

S.4787 -- introduced February 21, 2017,
referred to Senate Committee on Investigations & Gov't Operations
Senate website 
Assembly website

S.2670 -- introduced January 27, 2015,
referred to Senate Committee on Investigations & Gov't Operations
Senate website
Assembly website

S.3447 -- introduced February 1, 2013,
referred to Senate Committee on Investigations & Gov't Operations
Senate website
Assembly website

S.2780 -- introduced February 1, 2011,
referred to Senate Judiciary Committee
Senate website
Assembly website



Relevant Legislative Oversight Committees


statutory provisions relating to D.A. compensation

May 27, 2015
"AG Schneiderman Proposes Sweeping Legislation to Reform New York State Government"

March 23, 2016
"AG Schneiderman and Comptroller DiNapoli Announce Guilty Plea..."

June 29, 2016
public corruption

March 20, 2013 Senate session


Daily Signal

January 6, 2016 Opening Senate Session
transcript (at pp.  )

January 8, 2014 Opening Senate Session
transcript (at pp.  )

March 6, 2017: "Andrew Cuomo's Accomplishments Defy Cynicism About Government"  (The Slant/City & State/opinion by Lawrence Schwartz)

March 7, 2017: "Cuomo Official: Pay Raise 'Untenable' Without On-Time Budget", State of Politics (Nick Reisman)


March 7, 2017: "How Gov. Cuomo can lead the nation by leading a more progressive New York"  (Daily News/opinion by Bill Lipton, Morris Pearl)


Section 15 of the bill adds a new section 54-a to the Legislative Law
providing that, within ten days after the submission of the Executive
Budget, the Senate and Assembly must adopt a joint rule that requires
the Senate and Assembly to establish a schedule for joint conference
committees, and to establish other processes to assist in timely passage
of the budget.
Section 16 of the bill adds a new subdivision 2 to Legislative Law § 54
to require the Legislature to enact a balanced General Fund budget. Each
house would also be required, prior to a vote on the budget bills, to
place on the desks of its members a summary report that itemizes impacts
of proposed budget changes and, where practicable, impacts on local
governments, the State workforce and All Funds spending.

Section 17 of the bill adds a new section 53-d to the State Finance Law
to require that every budget appropriation bill passed by the Legisla-
ture include estimates of the fiscal impacts of the items added by the

March 7, 2017: "State Senator calls for investigation"


July 22, 2016: "Super Pac begins flying Bronx Senate Race"


Citizens Budget Commission


Citizens Union  -- Budget Reform

"Spending in the Shadows" -- February 2016

"Spending in the Shadows" -- September 2016

"Spending in the Shadows"  March 2015 -- update FY 2014-2016
March 2015 position paper

"Spending in the Shadows" -- September 24, 2013

March 2012 position paper -- "State Budget Language Allowing the Transfer of Funds"

December 2008 -- "New York State Budget Reform"


Citizens Union -- Examining Turnover


March 16, 2016 conference committee on local general officials/general government

March 23, 2016 conference committee on local government officials/general government

March 16, 2016 conference committee on public protection --

March 23, 2016 conference committee on public protection --
table target, requires review of a number of issues -- $13 million
                               commission on judicial conduct; division of criminal justice services --"the staff has the challenge to help us forge in earnest..." 



March 16, 2015 conference committee on local government officials/general government

March 19, 2015 conference committee on local government/general government



March 17, 2014 conference committee on local government officials/general government
        -- 16 agencies within their jurisdiction, including JCOPE,

changes comptroller; division of budget, local gov't assistance; 




Assembly Bill #1749 -- Concurrent Resolution -- Pension Forfeiture -- Buchwald
vote: 122-1

Resolution 25 -- advisory opinions -- outside employment


February 9, 2017:
"State approves anti-corruption bill", Rye City Review (Franco Fino)



January 30, 2017 press release -- Heastie/Flanagan:  "Legislature to Reinforce Commitment to Ethics Reform by Stripping Corrupt Public Officials of Pension Benefits & Regulating Outside Income for Legislators"    [Senate site]

*   *   *





AG Schneiderman Proposes Comprehensive Reforms
to Combat Pervasive Corruption In Albany
March 16, 2015 -- Citizens Union
written remarks


"AG Schneiderman Proposes Sweeping Legislation
To Reform New York State Government"
May 27, 2015

Senate Rules 2017-2018 

PER DIEMS -- November 11, 2001 "Albany Lawmakers Raise Their Allowance", NYT  (Richard Perez-Pena)

January 30, 2017  Senate Floor Proceedings --

Senate Bill #418 -- Concurrent Resolution -- Pension Forfeiture -- Croci

Senate Resolution: B-404 -- outside employment   (video: 9 - 33 minutes)
transcript: pp.  395-417     vote: 57-4



February 3, 2017: Assembly Minority Leader Kobl:
"The Case for a Constitutional Convention"

February 8, 2017: "Flanagan and Heastie Announce Joint Legislative Schedule For Adopting SFY 2017-2018 Budget"

*   *   *


Wyoming Free Press -- Gallivan



November 2006: "The Albany Triopoly", Governing Magazine (Alan Ehrenhalt)

April 3, 2014:  "Budget again falls short", Daily Gazette

February 23, 2015 "Cuomo's plan to tilt Albany's balance of power", Capital New York (Liz Benjamin)

February 26, 2015: "Can Albany Open the Door on Three Men in a Room?",  WNYC Radio (Karen Rouse)

March 11, 2015: "Budget process keeps same corrupt system", Times Herald-Record (Ken Hall)

March 11, 2015: "Three Men in a Room and Albany.  Where did the Phrase come from?"  (Albany Gov't Law Center- Bennett Liebman)

April 9, 2015: "A state budget grown in the dark", Lake Placid News

May 8, 2015: "Critics: What's wrong with Albany? The 'three-men-in-a-room'", Gannett (Joseph Spector)

January 29, 2016:  "Who needs a NY state legislature when 'Three Men in a Room' decide laws? (Commentary)", Syracuse.com (Joseph Fahey)


New York median household income per county -- 2009-2013
chart    map

New York's per capita income

NY household income

"Housing Affordability in New York State",
March 2014, Comptroller DiNapoli Report

Ballotopedia -- gubernatorial salaries    Book of States 2016
Salaries -- Governors

Salaries -- attorney general

National Association of Attorneys General

National Association of Comptrollers

"Cuomo could face next guilty verdict", (Micha

"New York state legislators' salaries: Who Makes the Most Money; Who Double Dips", December 31, 2014 Syracuse.com (Michell Breidenbach)

"How State legislators pump up pensions in ways you can't",  April 16, 2012, USA Today, Thomas Frank


Furman Center -- "Trends in NYC Housing Price Appreciation"


January 19, 2016: "Who's Taking On Ethics in Albany?  Not the Ethics Panels", NYT (Vivian Yee)

The Myth of Outside Income --


 October 31, 2016: "Cuomo: Ethics Reform Will Be A National Issue", State of Politics



Assembly Workgroup


Robert Mujica named to head division of budget, Washington Times

"Young named chair of State Finance Committee", Buffalo News (Tom Precious)

"Budget watchdog critiques Cuomo's budget"

"Who needs a New York State Legislature?






Menu of CJA's webpages on NYS Judicial Compensation:


Keeping the Commission to Investigate Public Corruption True
to its Name & Announced Purpose

CJA's July 19, 2013 corruption complaint
to Albany County District Attorney Soares

CJA's April 15, 2013 corruption complaint to U.S. Attorney Bharara

CJA's June 27, 2013 ethics complaint
to NYS Joint Commission on Public Ethics

CJA's July 11, 2013 corruption complaint
to NYS Inspector General 

Correspondence with the Legislature
pertaining to CJA's corruption & ethics complaints

Going After Black & Hispanic "Little Fish",
while the "Big White Whales" Go Free

Fighting Off Progeny of the Judicial Compensation Statute (S-2953: A-246) & Securing a Functioning Legislative Process

Securing Legislative Oversight & Override of the 2nd & 3rd phases of the judicial pay raises...

Championing of appropriate rules and leadership for the New York State Legislature 

CJA's People's lawsuit to void the judicial pay raises & secure judicial accountability -- CJA, et al. v. Cuomo, et al.

CJA's October 27, 2011 Opposition Report to the "Final Report of the Commission on Judicial Compensation" 

The Judges' Judicial Compensation Lawsuits










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